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NetALLTED is a CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) system for the simulation, analysis and design of such diverse devices as drives, control systems and dynamic systems composed of electronic, hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical, electrical, electromagnetic, and other physical phenomena elements. This can be done considering each technology individually or in mixed combinations. Complex drives and systems of this type are widely used in modern aerospace, robotics, NC machine tools, test equipment, highway engineering, agricultural and other applications.

The correspondence between the results of the analyses and the real circuit's responses depend on the level and accuracy of the active components models used in the electronic circuit. At the present time there are many semiconductor device models that can be used for computer design. The principal differences between each of the models are based on the initial assumptions made for the device's physical model and the number of physical effects that are taken into account. The question of choosing a model often is resolved by compromising between accuracy and simplicity of the selected model. Choosing a very complex model for all tasks is not always a good decision. In a simple task it will take a great deal of computer time per one analysis while not enhancing the accuracy. Conversely, using too simple a model will sometimes lead to wrong results. There is a set of models for active circuit components that can be considered as a standard basic set. These components are modeled by the equivalent macro circuit of nonlinear functions of sources, passive R, L, C elements, etc.

Schematic modelling
Hydraulic modelling

Presented herein is also a set of basic nonlinear functions commonly used for electronic circuit design. In the last section there are some practical examples of how to use such functions for equivalent circuit descriptions. A significant part of the guide is devoted to the question of using digital integrated circuit macromodels. This approach is based on the assumption of correspondence between modeled and real time of delay and impulse front time for input and output signals. A basic set of macromodel functions and macromodels of standard digital circuit elements (OR, AND, counters, flip-flop trigger, register, etc.) are presented here. NetALLTED is "open" for the User both in terms of developing new models and modification of the models and nonlinear functions now available. Therefore, the NetALLTED package, based on the user's insight concerning the systems under investigation and requirements for accuracy/ quality of results, can always be conveniently modified.